I never was a painter, but I could always draw my blood

Char / Charles / CD / AbrACadaverS
🌸 Twenty 🌸 Male 🌸

💀 Industrial Trad Goth 💀

i'm a lusid dreamer!

I'm Charles, you can also call me Char or whatever you want really. I might be a pig.

I'm 20 years old and I'm goth and stupid. My birthday is December 2, just like Uta from Tokyo Ghoul. I'm Arab and I'm a writer and I'm going to die someday! OINK OINK!!

Some things I REALLY love are:

🖤 Pavi Largo 🖤
industrial music (SKINNY PUPPY!!)
Nivek Ogre
goth / post-punk music
new wave / synthpop music
horror movies
the 80s
experimental / avant-garde art
the New Romantic / Blitz Kid scene
Andy Warhol & his Factory superstars
southern horror
Bill Moseley
the color pink
pigs, owls, and snakes

For more about my interests as well as other places to find me across the web, check out my listography!

how far can my fantasy go?

As I've already mentioned I really love music and art, especially stuff that's darker in subject matter and more experimental and unique.

NIVEK OGRE IS MY HERO AND MY FAVORITE PERSON EVER!! He and his work inspire me in so many ways and have done so much for me. I LOVE HIM!!!

^my tattoo of a puppy he drew me 💕 ^w^

I'm an English major and my dream is to write novels and make a horror movie or two, although I also would love to make music and comics and who knows what else. I guess I just love every form of art and creation and wanna be involved in all of it!! :3 But my heart definitely lies in writing. I currently have an associate's degree in English and I'm working towards my bachelor's right now. I've just moved back to Los Angeles after living in the middle of nowhere for years. I was born in Seattle and grew up in LA; I love being in the city, it's my favorite place ever, I love being able to go to concerts and clubs and hang out with fellow GOTHS!! 🦇